Guidelines for CUS1107 Discussion Postings:


The weekly postings count as 25% of your final grade.


You are required to post 3 messages on the CUS 1107 Discussion list weekly, one on “three different days” of the week.


The messages must be at least 1 original posting and 2 replies to other postings, or, 2

original postings and 1 reply.  In other words, you must “reply” to at least one posting per week and send at least 1 “original” posting per week, in addition to a third posting  - for a

total of 3 postings weekly.


The postings must be at least 3 paragraphs in length, with each paragraph containing 3 or more sentences.  A limit of 5 sentences per paragraph and 5 paragraphs per posting is requested.


The postings must be courteous, no foul language or slang.


Follow basic e-mail etiquette.   Post messages which are concise and not rambling. 

Use language and words that everyone – techies and newbies - will comprehend.  No technical jargon unless you’re prepared to provide detailed explanations of the technology.


The postings must be in the spirit of academic pursuit – be creative but not frivolous.


The postings need to be consistent with the assigned topic for that week.


Postings are meant to further our discussion of the readings and assigned topic for that week.  Please keep in mind that the postings should contribute to the discussion.


This is an applications course, so the postings might contain hints or suggestions on how to use the software being studied that week.


The instructor reserves the right to monitor the discussions and to edit or change these guidelines as needed.