Guidelines for CUS 1107 Course Portfolio Project


The “Course Portfolio” or CP counts as 25% of your final grade.


The CP will be developed using Microsoft PowerPoint.


You are required to create at minimum of 49 slides, as follows:

4 for each of the 11 software programs we will cover throughout the semester,

4 personal slides, with career goals, academic information, etc…

1 Title Slide


You may create more than 49 slides, but not over 75.


You must include a minimum of 4 slides per program covered, 2 detailing the features

of the program, 2 detailing how you’ve learned or applied this program.  These you may take from the lessons completed for each program.


You need to submit the slides created for each program during the week(s) that the program is studied.  The first 4 slides – for the PowerPoint program - are due the week

of Feb.9.


The final week of the semester you will have the opportunity to review and edit your slide show.  It is due on May 5, no exceptions.


You must create this slide show individually, no sharing of slides.


You need to include clipart or other graphics on your slides.


You need to show creativity in creating the slides, using slide transitions, animation, or sounds where appropriate.


Your grade for the slide show will be determined by how well you display the content in the slides, how creatively you make the slides (color, clipart, etc…) and how well the overall slide show is presented.


If you need assistance with PowerPoint, or, if you’re unfamiliar with the program, you may want to make an appointment to visit the instructor early in the semester for some hands on demonstrations of basic program features.   Check the course calendar on WebCT for a PowerPoint workshop to be offered in early February.   This is an optional workshop for those who want or need to attend.  No grades for the workshop, just informational.