Guidelines for CUS 1107 Assignments:


Assignments count as 50% of your final grade.


Unless otherwise noted, all assignments are due by the end of the week they are assigned,

or by Sunday evening of that week.


Assignments will be posted via e-mail and on the calendar of WebCT for the course.


Submit all assignments via e-mail on WebCT.


Most assignments will be taken from the lessons at the conclusion of the chapters in the textbook. 

The textbook is available for purchase at the SJU bookstore on the Staten Island campus, or,

online from or   It is also on reserve in the SJU Library

at the Staten Island campus.


Spelling, grammar, and other typographical errors will detract from the grade for the assignment.


If you have difficulty with a software program, please contact the instructor to ask for assistance.


All software assigned for this course is available at SJU on the Staten Island campus in the

 microcomputer labs and in the library.   In the event your software or computer is not functioning,

make every effort to come to campus to complete the assignments.


Be sure to put your name and the lesson number on each assignment submitted.