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From Key Handouts to More Hands on Keys: Planning for the Progressive Use of Technology by Faculty.

Nunaley, Mary; Warner, David Publication Date: April 1, 2002

Two faculty members from Volunteer State Community College (Tennessee) were assigned the charge to design an institution-wide faculty training and development program for distance learning. The approach to planning began by reexamining the evolution of their use of technology, culminating in online course delivery. This paper explores the following stages through which faculty progress, which can then become the basis for an institution's faculty training and development program: (1) faculty members use or plan to use communication tools such as e-mail, message boards, and chat features to communicate with students outside the classroom; (2) faculty members use or plan to use FrontPage or other World Wide Web-authoring software to develop course materials and enhance student experiences; (3) faculty members have combined or plan to combine the use of communication tools and course Web site materials (combining stages 1 and 2) for course assignments; (4) faculty members have transferred or plan to transfer Web-enhanced course content, classroom materials, and communication initiatives to a course management system; and (5) faculty members are converting or revising a course site or have considered conversion of Web-based course content and classroom materials to an online course. Training and resource development recommendations are included. (MES)

In: Teaching, Learning, & Technology: The Connected Classroom. Proceedings of the Annual Mid-South Instructional Technology Conference (7th, Murfreesboro, TN, April 7-9, 2002)